Klade was a Dzaghlie from the planet Gallifrey with his owners The Doctor and Caleera (SFF: The Doctor's Desolation) (FF: The Shield of Khronos)

Early LifeEdit

The Doctor told Klade that on Gallifrey that He got Lost and The Doctor and Caleera found him in the woods. Every since Klade had no Intentions of trying to find his own Family. 

But later claimed to be false and that he was cast out from his tribe because of his unusal apperance, he had fade golden fur. The Doctor and Caleera was around when it was happening. Caleera claimed that it's the Doctor's comapssion taking control and decide to take him.

It is rumored that his Father is looking him. (FF: Scenes From His Life

Later LifeEdit

Caleera Took Klade when he was not allowed back at The Academy with The Doctor. She Gave Klade to The Doctor's Brother, and Have Klade continue living his life on The Pokemon World with other Deserted Dzaghlies. (FF: The Shield of Khronos)