The House of Blue Fire is The First Story in The Meta-Nexus Adventures Featuring The Twelfth Doctor and Fuyuki Hinata


Chapter TitlesEdit

  • Day of The Storm
  • The Legend of Something
  • The Night of The Mansion
  • The Shining Morning
  • The Blue Flame 
  • The House of Blue Fire 
  • Epilogue: Till The End 

Trivia / ReferenceEdit

  • The Doctor Claims That Caleera thinks She is one of The Great Ones because of her Nature
  • The Name 'Pasare Albastra' is a non-direct French translation of 'Blue Bird'
  • Blue Fire is Also known as Blue Pheonix by its appearance
  • Fuyuki is a Heavy Sleeper
  • The Doctor Wears his Red Velvet Coat (TV: Face The Raven)
  • The Doctor Belives in Blue Fire When He was a Little Boy

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